About The Academy

The Niels Bohr International Academy is a young initiative committed to fostering the traditions of internationalism, interdisciplinarity and excellence in physics which have characterized the Niels Bohr Institute since its founding in 1921. To this end, it consolidates the present NBI visitor program with an international program of workshops and symposia.  The Academy is an inclusive institution which seeks and solicits the active participation of individual scientists and institutions around the world. It functions as a primary center for fundamental research in theoretical and mathematical physics and related fields, including the model description of physical systems and data. A core objective of the Academy is to promote and enhance research training and education of young scientists, as well as to conduct public outreach activities aimed at sharing the excitement and passion of scientific discovery with the general public. The Academy has a permanent staff of seven Professors and four Assistant Professors. There is also an active Visiting Professor program. Scientific staff from the Niels Bohr Institute work at the Academy for shorter or longer periods, and help in organizing workshops and meetings. The Academy supports a number of international PhD-fellowships and post-doctoral positions every year.